What's Happening This Sunday?
The Seeker Church
622 North Berry Road
Norman, Oklahoma  73069
      Thinking about trying The Seeker Church?  If you do, you will experience a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere.  You can sit back in a nice comfy chair and enjoy the live band, movie clips and Russ' talk.  His style has been described as laid back, relevant, Biblicial, funny, transparent and compelling.  

     Whether you consider yourself a believer or a skeptic, a spiritual person or a pagan, we think you'll find The Seeker Church to be a place where "enjoy church" is not an oxymoron.                         
     We don't do weird stuff like pass around snakes or dance in the aisles.  We won't pressure you to give any money or sign up for anything. 

     If you haven't been to church in a while, The Seeker Church is for you. 

     If you don't like going to church, The Seeker Church is for you. 

     If you want an atmosphere of authenticity and people being real, The Seeker Church is for you. 

     If you're open to hearing what God has to say about everyday life issues, The Seeker Church is for you. 

     Hey, even if you don't like it, it only lasts an hour! 

     But then again, you might actually enjoy it, learn something new, reflect, laugh and walk out saying "I'm glad I tried it." 

                                                See you Sunday!        
Live Band
  One of our
 Kid's Spaces
Women do 
 Stuff Too
People are Friendly but not Pushy
We don't do weird stuff
Relevant Talks From the Bible
Normal People
We will not cancel a service due to snow or ice.
    We NEVER cancel a Sunday service due to bad weather!