What's Happening This Sunday?
Russ Martin - Pastor
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The Seeker Church
622 North Berry Road
Norman, Oklahoma  73069

    Thanks for checking out THE SEEKER CHURCH.

    There's a reason we're called "the church for people who never thought they would like church."

    There are three kinds of people who will resonate with The Seeker Church.

    ONE - people who have spiritual questions and doubts.
    TWO - people that are Christ-followers but who don't like going to church.
    THREE - mission-minded believers who care about reaching and helping others and who aspire to love God, grow spiritually, serve God and become more Christ-like will find The Seeker Church a great place to do these things.

    Try it this Sunday at 10:30 a.m.  See you there!
    To see pictures and videos of the Seeker Band playing at Felgar Hall before the OU football games, click on the picture below.
Did you miss the service? Don't worry we now have a Youtube channel with entire services. Click Here.